4 Tasty Halal Food You Have to Find in Medan

Halal Food in Medan is a melting pot of cultures. Centuries ago, people of various ethnicities came to trade then settled here and have since lived in harmony. This assimilation resulted in plenty of cuisines, affected by several cultures and traditions. You’ll be able to find Chinese food, Malay, Minang, Indian, Javanese and many fresh revolutionary cross-cultural fusion cuisine in the capital of North Sumatra.

1. Rujak Kolam
Rujak is a traditional fresh tropics fruits salad dish served with glazy brownish dressing made from ground palm sugar, chili pepper and peanuts. Nevertheless, what makes Rujak Kolam so special is the addition of pisangbatu or kluthuk (Musa balbisiana) in the dressing table. Pisangbatu, literally stoney banana, is a species of banana which contains numerous seeds comparable to stones. Whenever you accidentally chew the seeds they’ll make a sound “kluthuk”. Rujak Kolam gets its name as it’s located near a famous pool (kolam).

2. Belut Goreng CabeIjo – Wajir Seafood
Jl. Sugiono no. 31
Wish to rub shoulders with the locals? Dine in this fun and frenzy sea food location and have a night fiesta filled with individuals craving for fresh, succulent and tasty sea protein. Sample the taste of belut goreng cabeijo (fried eel with green chili)! Apart from that clear favorite, you can taste more food such as steamed kakap, grilled gourami and soft shell crab.

3. Telur, Roti dan Kopi — KedaiApek
Jl. Hindu no. 37
This stall is a true legend of Medan’s food history, which has been standing strong since 1922! It’s best known for its Sidikalang coffee served with a toast and a soft half-boiled egg. This is the place where the locals gather and greet each other while sipping coffee and munching on snacks. Sitting in a quaint neighbourhood that witnessed innumerable ethnicity interaction in Medan, this area is just like a historic time capsule with fantastic food.

4. TehSusuTelur – TST Pak Haji
JlPuri no 58
Need an energy drink following a long walk around Medan? Come visit this location towards the end of your day to sip a mixture of tea, milk and raw egg — or as the locals call it “TST”, tehsusutelur (tea-milk-egg). You’ll see the place full with individuals of all ages, hanging out in the night breeze of Medan while hugging their hot TST cup. The owner stated that he could crack at least 100 poultry eggs each night. The number will double on weekends where everyone is out having a fantastic time and get energized!
The one thing you want to know about our listing: while most of those places are not standard air-conditioned restaurants, the vibrant ambiance from the hungry audience along with the excellent taste they provide are likely to anchor you down to enjoy every last bite. Happy searching!