Monday, 16 September 2013

Filofax #2: Purple Pocket Domino Set Up

Hi All,
As you may have read I have become quite obsessed with planners and Filofax in particular. I mentioned in an earlier post that I accidentally purchased this Domino Pocket Size Filofax in Ultra Violet..... what a beautiful mistake!!!

I have been living in my Pocket Domino for a number of weeks and have to say I really really love the functionality of this planner.
Pocket size means it is neat enough for me to throw it into almost any of my hand bags and it is also discreet enough for me to leave it out on my desk in work without raising any eyebrows!
The elastic closure means you can stuff this Filo and it will keep on expanding to facilitate everything you need to bring with you.
The pen loop is elasticated which I find so handy as it means I can fit my Bic Multicolour pens in the loop and the elastic closure also lets me slip a second pen in holding it pretty secure.
A little close up of my current favourite pens. These two Bics mean I can have eight colours with me at any time, also.... Hello Kitty.... enough said!
So as you can see it is getting a bit full already. I have taken out most of the diary insert but have replaced it with credit card slots which I picked up in Easons for €2.50 each. Each one holds 4 cards but you could squeeze 6-8 in if you are careful when doubling them up.

Of course I had to pop a few sticky notes on the clear fly leaf. I just picked these up at a local cheapy shop along with the adorable aeroplane paper clips!!!

I find these credit card wallets really handy for carrying loyalty cards and hopefully some day I will be able to replace my wallet with my Filo and have one less thing to drag around with me.
I made these dividers using card stock but I am not happy with them at all so I will attempt something different shortly but they will do for now. I simply cut two pieces of card stock and stuck them back to back, printed labels and stuck a cute sticker on the bottom :-)

Philofaxy have some pretty amazing inserts that you can print off yourself for free so I printed off the rest of this year in Month on Two Pages format and got it all ballsed up so I ended up sticking them back to back with washi tape and I kind of like the result. If you need inserts head over to Philofaxy

Still using the Filofax Week on Two Pages inserts that came with the planner but I hope to change these up shortly as I am not too fond of them at all.

I also got these amazing printable from Etsy, the seller had lots of different styles and you can print them off whenever you need them.
So that is really a quick update on where my Filofax is coming along. I do have a couple of Filos on order at the moment and I see this quickly becoming a major obsession so keep your eyes peeled if this is something that interests you.
Thanks so much for reading



  1. I quite relieved I'm not the only one with a wee bit of an addiction :')

    I've been stalking the #filofax tags on instagram and tumblr for weeks and I finally ordered my own the other day.. should be here this week. SO excited!

    1. That's how I started too haha.... be careful :-) I have a total addiction now

  2. I can completely see how this becomes an addiction, it's like an entire scrapbook but functional and pretty too! I love how everything is pretty much interchangeable. It's definitely something I can see myself getting into in the future! x

    1. I've never scrapbooked in my life but I am loving playing with my Filofaxes :-) I feel like a kiddo :-)

  3. I love the pastel bic pens! Also thank you for the links to everything! x

    50 Follower Giveaway!

    1. They are my fave, I need to get some more

  4. Looks great! I'll have a pocket on Thursday, and I've never used one before (only personal and A5!) so it'll be interesting to set up!

    1. Oh great! I'd love to see how you get on, I started in a pocket so I am finding it hard to adjust to personal haha

  5. This is awesome,thank you. I purchased the exact planner last year and its still sitting. Ifound it so small. Thank you for helping me figure out how to use it!


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