Sunday, 14 February 2016

Specsavers Review

Recently I was contacted by Specsavers to see if I would be interested in doing a review of their services and of course I jumped at the chance. 

It's only about 6 months since I had my eyes tested for my bi-yearly eye test during which I opted for my usual glasses but instead of a second pair of regular glasses I went for sunglasses since we were heading on holidays so I am going to be showing those off too :-)

Specsavers seem to always have fantastic offers on like two for one on frames or a reduced rate eye test. Because of the two for one I was delighted to bring home these amazing tortoise shell Osiris frames and my second pair were the fantastic Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses. 

With the voucher supplied by Specsavers I then picked up these amazing Max & CO (AKA Maxmara) frames. I am so thrilled because usually I don't bother with sunglasses and get two sets of frames but this year I only had one and I was really really missing being able to switch up my frames. Major thanks to Specsavers!!!

With our wedding coming up I also decided this time to give contacts another go :-0 They are like my nemesis completely. 

The service they provided me on the day was fantastic. Originally I booked in for an eye exam but because I had only just had my eyes tested the let me know that I didn't actually need to go to the expense of having them tested again. I thought this was very honest of them, they could have just let me spend my money on an eye test but they didn't. 

So basically they then ordered in a trial of the lenses I would need based on my prescription and said they would call when they were in and then I could come in for a teach and fitting. 

About a week later I got a call to come in and have my teach and make sure that the lenses would work for me. It was fantastic! One of the girls sat with me so patiently until I managed to put the lenses in and out about 5 times on my own. This was so helpful because now I can do it with absolutely no problem. The first time I tried this on my own and nearly had an anxiety attack with frustration. 

After that the optician took me in and tested my eyes with them in to make sure they sat in the eyes ok and moved as they should. All was great so off I went home in my contacts!!! After 3 days of using the trials I then ordered a months supply which works out at €59.00 for my prescription and they had them in within 2 days which was amazing!!!

While I was on my buzz after my teach I decided to go frame hunting and use my voucher. I had picked out about 3 pairs, Tommy Hilfiger, Converse and Osiris but I just wasn't sure on any of them so when one of the girls offered to help me out I was so grateful. She went above and beyond picking out styles I would never have gone for ending up with me coming home with these amazing Max & Co frames which everyone absolutely loves on me. 

These are my original Osiris frames in tortoise shell and gold accents, I adore these frames, they are possibly my most favourite ever! These were part of the 2 for 1 which cost me €189. I freakin love them.

My shiny new Max & Co frames are a fab mix of black plastic, silver accent and a coral coloured metal arm. I also got anti-glare on these lenses which is something I never ever go for but decided to try it out this time and I really think I will stick with it in future. These were in the €199 section and were an option in the 2 for 1 but due to the fact I was using a voucher I wasn't eligible for a second pair :-(

And lastly my ah-ma-zing Karl Largerfeld Sunnies.... Obviously in Ireland I don't get much wear out of them but HELLOOOOO how gorgeous are they! I opted for the Polaroid lenses for the additional €80.00 and it was so worth it. Everything is soooo clear in them, These were also in the €189 section and the 2 for 1 offer so SCORE!

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Cute Sign Alert - Penneys Best

You may have noticed from my Instagram feed that I have a pretty big day coming up! Yep we are getting married. We decided over Christmas, after an 8 year engagement and 13 years together, that sure it was about time we should tie the knot. 

In our usual style we can't be arsed hanging around and got the soonest date possible giving us a massive 3 months to plan the big day (as of today we are already a month in!!!! Only 9 weeks to go). 

So I decided to share some of the goodies and places we got them in case anyone else is in the same boat ;-)

I got this gorgeous light in Penneys this week for only €15! I think it will look great on the cake table and it will also be super cute in our bedroom after the big day.  

The little bulbs are so cute. It takes 3 AA batteries. I know before Christmas they also had one that simply spelt LOVE but I seem to have missed out on that one as there were none left in my local. 

 I just think it looks fantastic all lit up!! Can't wait to use it in our room after. 

 Tis all very exciting so I will keep you all updated!

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Balm The Manizer Sisters

The Balm is very quickly becoming one of my most favouritist brands out there. With super cute packaging rivalling the likes of Benefit, incredibly quality products and a nice mid range price tag they are ticking all of the boxes for me!

Oddly enough this is not my most recent purchase from The Balm.. no no that arrived today and will be getting a post all to itself. I am so grateful to Cloud 10 Beauty for stocking this wonderful brand and giving us all an opportunity to get our greedy little mitts on it. 

I already own a full size of Mary-Lou Manizer which I adore and I had been debating if I should invest in any of the other Manizer sisters when I spied this little beauty on Instagram. All of the Manizer sisters in one adorable little package. 

I absolutely love it when brands combine products like this in a little palette. A lot of the time a full size product is wasted on me because I will flit away from it long before it is used up simply to try out a new or different product so I love that these palettes let you have a little try of the products you are interested in without having to invest in the full size product. 

So here they are in all their beautiful glory! Mary-Lou is a pale highlight with more golden tones. Cindy-Lou is a much more pinky based highlight and Betty-Lou is quite dark bronze. Each are so beautiful in their own right. They all apply like a dream and they will all have their different uses depending on the time of year, tan situation etc. 

Aren't they just gorgeous! If you have been interested in trying out any of the Manizer sisters I definitely recommend picking this trio up. I paid €20.50 for my Mary-Lou Manizer on it's own and this trio is only €28.00 which is a fantastic deal. You can find all The Balm goodies on Cloud 10 Beauty just click HERE

Let me know if you have any other recommendations from The Balm because I cannot wait to try out more!! 

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Review - Inglot Pro Blending Sponge

I absolutely love my Beauty Blender and use it daily to apply my foundation, concealer, bronzer and lots more. I have never been too kind to it though and the biggest mistake I made was never investing in the correct cleanser to use with it. I have always just used soap or shampoo to clean it (don't give out to me) so although it has lasted me a very long time I probably could have elongated the lifespan by treating it a bit better. 

Anyway it is coming time to replace the poor thing so I decided now would be a good time to try out a few of the other options that have come on the market since I bought her a few years ago. The first one I have bought to give a go is the Inglot Pro Blending Sponge. 

Look at my poor beaten up old Beauty Blender! The first thing I noticed was that the Inglot sponge looked extremely similar to the Beauty Blender in colour and shape although it is a bit larger. It comes in the same bright pink happy shade. 

That is kind of where the similarity ends. Although you use it in the same way, wet it and it expands and then proceed to dab on your product, it just doesn't feel the same. It is a lot more dense than the Beauty Blender and because it is naturally a bit bigger I found it a bit more cumbersome and awkward to use. You can tell how much more dense it is when blotting it on  your face because it feels heavier and doesn't have the same spongy give that the beauty blender has. 

It applies product OK, it may be bias but I think the Beauty Blender applies product better, and it is quite a bit cheaper than the Beauty Blender at €12 (depending where you shop the Beauty Blender is about €18). Honestly though if you are considering purchasing a sponge applicator I would urge you to buy the Beauty Blender over the Inglot Pro Blending Sponge. 

Next on my hit list is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. 

Let me know if there are any sponges you would recommend or are considering trying out. 

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Slimming Wold - My experience and happy side effects

Hi all 

A bit of a rambly post today but I wanted to share my experiences with you in case there are any people out there considering joining Slimming World. I am a firm believer in this benefits of following slimming world as an eating plan. I no longer call it a diet because now it is a way of life for me and a very important way of life. 

It's not all about weight loss to me now although that is how it all started out, but I will get in to that later in the post. 

I have never been a healthy eater and to be honest I am an emotional eater and I probably always will be but I have found a new peace with food after following SW. I would regularly binge on a tube of Pringles (by myself) or a bag of Haribo and that was after my full days meals. I would easily have had a dirty great hot chicken roll, some crisps, a bar and probably a can of coke for my lunch and come home to eat a full dinner. Many a Saturday it could be a KFC for lunch and a Chinese for tea. It wasn't unheard of to have a take away on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and probably Sunday. I would eat to celebrate, I'd have a bar of chocolate because I was annoyed or something had upset me. No matter what the situation food was the solution. That is what got me to the very unhealthy weight I was. 

I had done Weight Watchers classes, I had done cleanses, teatox, weight loss aids, shakes, you name it I had tried it. All a complete waste of time. Until YOU are ready to lose weight, you will not lose weight. YOU have to make a decision that it has to end and you have got to get healthy. 

My decision was after I had reached my heaviest weight of all time. I couldn't fit in clothes, I wouldn't take photographs. I am still scarred from my drivers licence which now acts as a healthy reminder of what I do not want to go back to. Worst of all I was in complete denial. It would hit me every so often just how big and unhealthy I had gotten. Those are the evenings I would have a complete mental break down. It would start with a tantrum, then tears, then a resolve that I was definitely going to change this time. I was going to do better. I was a size 20 and 5'10" so I tried to hide it as best I could but I was running out of places to hide. So in June I made the decision to start following the SW program. 

I am going to be honest, I had the books so I just went hell for leather into it myself and skipped going to any classes. I weigh in once to twice a week depending how my week is going. I weigh on a Wednesday and a Saturday. I find it keeps me in check. What was driving me were memories of a trip to Orlando we took 5 years ago when I was a size 18 and miserable. I still can't even look at the photos. We had just booked a trip back and I did not want to feel how I felt beside the pool on the last trip so the day after we booked the work began. 

I had a lot of help from work friends and my sister who are all firm believers in SW and have seen the results. Much research was done online. I printed off a range of recipes to start me off and still every week I will find new recipes to try and print them off. The internet is a fantastic resource if you are going to try to do this on your own. You can find out SYN values on there and what your best options are. There are many forums and groups to follow for inspiration and motivation. Instagram and Facebook is also a gold mine for people to follow and ideas. 

After 4 months I am delighted to say I hit my goal of one and a half stone gone by our holidays and the main thing was for me not to be an 18 so here I sit in my size 16 jeans!!! However, aside from the fantastic feeling and confidence of the weight loss I feel and the drive to continue so I can maintain and even lose more, I want to tell you of the health benefits I have found from SW. 

I suffered from horrible daily headaches back as long as I can remember from my teens. Sometimes they develop into migrain but mostly it is a dull pain in the head, but I would have them every evening. They were uncomfortable, annoying and distracting, sometimes exhausting. These all but disappeared when I stuck to SW. The last week I reintroduced some of my old habits like using jar sauces and maybe having a few sweets. I wanted to adjust my body to other foods before we go away (I will explain that in a few minutes) Almost immediately I began getting the dreaded headaches again. 

Secondly I suffered from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) horribly. There were occasions where I had nearly passed out from the pains in my stomach. It left it very uncomfortable for me to go away for any period of time or even go out for a meal etc. You never knew when you would have a good day or a bad day. Well I have just had 4 months of Great Days!!! Not a bad experience was had and no crippling stomach pains... Nothing. (The IBS is the reason I wanted to get my body accustomed to other foods. I was sh1tting myself - excuse the pun - my stomach would just explode when we began eating out on holidays so I thought it best to give it a little taste of what was to come). This last week has been an uncomfortable mix of cramps, worried pauses and feeling down right uncomfortable. Bloating and my beloved size 16s feeling a bit snugger despite only putting on 1lb over the week. 

So to round up I am taking the week off plan to enjoy my Holidays :-) but there is a little bit of me that can't wait to get home and get back on plan so I can enjoy the every day (and hopefully a size 14 pair of jeans)

Let me know of any great side effects to SW you have had, I would love to hear all of your stories!

Thanks for reading 

Rachel xx

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Happy Planner - Slimming World Aid

Two things you may already know about me are that I love planners, filofax etc and also that I am currently following Slimming World to help lose some excess weight. These two worlds collided in a wonderful way for me recently and I had to share with you!

I bought this Happy Planner a couple of weeks ago with the full intention of using it as my work diary for next year but when it arrived I decided it was too big and bright to use for a work environment and I also didn't really like the layout so I lobbed it on the shelf thinking I would never use it. 

Later on that week I was doing out my usual weekly meal plan for Slimming World when it dawned on me the Happy Planner is prefect for meal scheduling!!

Planner wise it is a really adorable planner and I would say perfect for using in the house if you are inclined to use a home based planner.

It's very cute and pretty and I love that each month has an individual tab which holds the Month on Two Pages. 

I keep my weekly stats the the month on two pages. It is a great size for scheduling appointments too but I simply use this for my goals and for keeping track of losses and gains. 

With the days being laid out in 'Morning', 'Afternoon' and 'Evening' it means I can schedule my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I use the notes on the side as a count down for my Syns used throughout the week. 

It is a ridiculously cute planner and if I could think of another use for it I would probably get a second one because the paper quality is fantastic!! Because it is a disc bound planner you can add whatever sections you like and take out anything you don't need. They have a number of expansion packs and little add ons in the store on Amazon. 

And how cute are the discs!!! If you fancy picking one of these planners up they are very affordable at £11.80.

Hope this has helped!!

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Saturday, 19 September 2015

TK Maxx Find: The Balm Nude Tude

On one of my most recent weekly trips to TK Maxx I was so lucky to stumble across a couple of Nude Tude palettes from The Balm!! I grabbed the two that were there, one for me and one for my Sister (I swear some day soon I will get her to do a post on here!!) I have been holding off on using it because I was trying out some other products but I thought I would show her off to you anyway :-) And just give you guys a heads up that TK Maxx is a little gold mine lately with the likes of The Balm, Stila, YSL, Cargo and lots more amazing brands popping up over the last few weeks. 

Anyway, back to my purchase. This was the Limited Edition one with a free little side of Put a Lid on It eye primer. 

Yayyyyyyy! So I get to try out two of their products and the price tag was only €22.99 instead of the usual €35.00!!!!!

It seems to have all the shades you need to do a pretty wide variety of neutral to smokey looks. I can't wait to see how this neutrals palette holds up against some of my favourites! 

I will be putting her to the test next week so be sure to check back to see how we get on!!

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